CyberGhost is a large Romanian company that regularly updates its features and software for both free VPN and paid users. Its security is impressive, going as far as deleting your payment details once they’ve been processed. It’s also working on some security technologies itself and is willing to support promising security start-ups too! Its client and customer support are first class. While its free service has a number of limitations, including speed, time and advertisements, CyberGhost is superb all round. Visit CyberGhost understands that you need to evaluate the performance of their service so they have a free plan that will let you test it. Although this plan will let you see the quality of their service and determine if it could suit your current needs it does have some limitations as I previously stated. However the free account should let you try out their Windows client and Android app to see what you think of them. They also have a 14-day money-back guarantee. This review also notes that like the free account, the guarantee comes with what I think is a major limitation, you cannot have transferred more that 2 GB of data. Visit